Cover of Who Would You Kill to Save the World? by Claire Colebrook

Issue #8: Who Would You Kill to Save the World?

Inaugural winner of the Hugh J. Silverman Book Prize in Philosophy and Literature, 2024 (Association for Philosophy and Literature)



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In this issue: Evelyn Burg, Samuel Cohen, Rachel Ida Buff, and Lenora Hanson.

Forthcoming in this issue: John Brenkman.

In this issue: Michael J. Shapiro, Jin Chang

Forthcoming in this issue:  Sol Pelaez, Robert Smid. 

In this issue: Chantal Wright, Stefan Helgesson, Lisa Foran, V. Joshua Adams, and Lawrence Venuti's response.

In this issue: David Gunkel, John Muckelbauer and Nathaniel Street, Naomi Waltham-Smith, and Anthony Hawley.

In this issue: Adam Kotsko, Shane Herron, Frank Pasquale, Ryan Netzley, Cindy Zeiher, and Scott Richmond.

In this issue: Alenka Zupančič, Andrew Cutrofello, Mark Pingree, Andrew Pendakis, Aaron Schuster, and Frank Ruda's response.