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Maciej Litwin concludes his critical yet positive review of Lawrence Venuti’s CONTRA INSTRUMENTALISM by asking: “Will this book play a role in settling twentieth-century discussions, with an epicentre at the elite American university? I believe so. Will this book usher in a twenty-first century discussion that involves more peripheral economies of translation commentary? Readers will decide.” We’re curious to find out what readers will decide!

Piotr Florczyk calls Lawrence Venuti “the lightning rod of translation studies” and praises Contra Instrumentalism as “an excellent and far-reaching polemic [that] is erudite, extremely well-researched, and at times biting.”

Three Percent reviews Contra Instrumentalism.

Jordan Wannemacher praises Provocations book series design in Spine Magazine‘s summer 2019 University Press cover round-up. We thank Nathan Putens for his wonderful design for our book series.

Matt Reeck reviews Lawrence Venuti’s Contra Instrumentalism.

Jairo Moreno reviews Jeffrey T. Nealon’s I’m Not Like Everybody Else in American Literary History, Volume 31, Issue 2, Summer 2019.

Kyle Mohr reviews Declarations of Dependence in the Journal of Cultural Economy (June 2019).

Brendan Cook reviews Scott Ferguson’s Declarations of Dependence in Lateral Issue 8.1, Spring 2019.

Michael Principe reviews Frank Ruda’s Abolishing Freedom for Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, April 2018.

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