A Greenhouse of Dirty Knowledge

Issue 6
December 1, 2022
By Rachel Ida Buff Issue 6 December 1, 2022 Download PDF Currently, academic workers in higher education confront a plethora of problems. We contend with diminishing public investment in education and its consequences: soaring tuition and outrageous student debt rates. As the number of tenure & tenure-track faculty positions plummets, increasing numbers of contingent academic...

University Control or, Conditions and Tendencies

Issue 6
October 11, 2022
By Samuel Cohen Issue 6 October 11, 2022 Download PDF In 1913, the third volume of a three-volume book series called Science and Education was published by The Science Press of New York. Titled University Control, it was edited by James McKeen Cattell, who at the time was head of the Department of Psychology, Anthropology,...

Cui bono? A Response to Julia Schleck’s Dirty Knowledge: Academic Freedom in the Age of Neoliberalism

By Evelyn Burg
Issue 6
July 29, 2022
Academic freedom is like those life vests that, at the start of any flight, we’re told to inflate by blowing into if the plane goes down. In the actual circumstance, it will probably be too little, too late. But I listen to those airline instructions, because if recent events have taught me anything, it’s to...