Nostalgia for the State: A Response to Julia Schleck’s Dirty Knowledge

Issue 2
October 16, 2023
By Lenora Hanson Issue 6     October 16, 2023     Download PDF “[...] the origin of every contract also points toward violence.” Walter Benjamin, “Critique of Violence”[1] In an earlier draft of this response to Julia Schleck’s Dirty Knowledge, I ended up ending on watermelon. Undoubtedly, this had something to do with the...

A Conceptual Malapropism: Aesthetics and the Political

Issue 2
May 21, 2023
By Jin Chang Issue 5 May 21, 2023 Download PDF  It is difficult to decide where to best begin in responding to Gregg Lambert’s elegantly sly riffs on Deleuze’s refrain, “The people are missing,” as there is much that I agree with in his readings and diagnoses. Let me begin, then, by singling out this...

Faith in Abstraction: A response to Scott Ferguson’s Declarations of Dependence

Issue 2
February 14, 2020
By Scott Richmond Issue 2 February 14, 2020 Download PDF In the present moment—however you want to name and periodize it, but let’s just call it neoliberalism—both aesthetics and the practices of aesthetic critique seem to have lost whatever political force they may once have had. This is not necessarily because aesthetics seems no longer...

Why Bother Caring (About the Fate of Money)?

Issue 2
June 17, 2019
By Cindy Zeiher Issue 2 May 4, 2019 Download PDF Feminists have argued for years that care needs to be more valued […] As long as caring remains a subordinate activity and value within the framework of a competitive, “winner-take-all” society, caring well within one’s family will make one not a friend but an enemy of...

This is Money

Issue 2
March 5, 2019

Realities and Relationships in Public Finance

Issue 2
February 5, 2019
By Frank Pasquale Issue 2 February 5, 2019 Download PDF   Calling financial services “products” was one of the greatest marketing triumphs of the banking industry. The convenient reification made complex sets of rights, duties, and promises (like annuities, long-term care insurance, and mortgages) sound as solid and familiar as a car or washing machine. The...

The Trouble with Heterodoxy

Issue 2
December 13, 2018
By Shane Herron Issue 2 December 13, 2018 Download PDF   "Socialists have certainly good reason to be grateful to Professor Mises, the great advocatus diaboli of their cause. For it was his powerful challenge that forced the socialists to recognise the importance of an adequate system of economic accounting to guide the allocation of resources in a socialist...

Reading Agamben with Ferguson

Issue 2
September 26, 2018
By Adam Kotsko Issue 2 September 27, 2018 Download PDF   I. My first reaction to Scott Ferguson’s Declarations of Dependence was that it was the strangest book I had ever read. One can group together any three significant topics of this book—for instance, monetary theory, the philosophical implications of perspective painting, and Looney Tunes; or...